Who We Are

Who we are?

Tatweer For Traffic Assets & System Operation and Management LLC is one of the fastest-growing firms in the region that emerged from the core of Transportation, Traffic and Road industries to offer a unique blend between professional engineering services and Innovative Smart technology. We are geared to provide turnkey solutions that bring innovation to all presented services and products. We draw our strength from investing in the right expertise forming a group of highly qualified and diverse teams that deliver a comprehensive set of tailored services.

Tatweer has a strong reputation as the leader of innovation among our network of key clients across the market sectors which makes us ready to take on challenges where we can provide future solutions to current market needs and requirements.


Leading in the provision of responsive, cost effective and innovative solutions services.


Offering a sophisticated blend of cutting edge, smart innovations and professional engineering expertise while providing sustainable solutions to our clients in the UAE and across the region.


Sustainable growth

Establishing a unique value creation strategy to ensure harmony between the environment, society, and economy.


Fostering a culture of quality in every work we deliver, and adhering to the highest, internationally acclaimed quality standards.


Focusing on constant innovation and development of new technologies, leading to value-creation and revolutionary solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritizing customer satisfaction by ensuring their preferences are consistently met and maintaining exceptional performance.

Human Resource

Encouraging an equal opportunity across our organization, recognizing and valuing talent, and creating a positive and thriving work environment.