Smart Driving Test

Smart Driving Test

Smart Driving Test




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SDTS is a system designed to replace the Human examiner in the process of evaluating driver’s license Applicants while taking the Driver’s License Test. The system is based on sophisticated hardware and software components that is fully integrated to automate the driver’s test process including monitoring and evaluating the applicants. The system senses all the possible surroundings and constructs an accurate representation of the environment and situations that the applicant is facing, recognizes the applicant’s behavior and evaluates his actions. The system functions based on an algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to calculate the score for each of the test criteria leading to a full evaluation of the applicant’s driving capabilities, performance, judgment, driving style and finally determines if it is safe to grant the driver’s license or recommend further improvement if needed.

Smart Driving Test System (SDTS) is a combination of enterprise software features and smart hardware devices that define a digital intelligent interconnected ecosystem for Testing Vehicles Application, Testing Busses Application, Control Room Applications, Reporting Platform, and an interconnected suite of Smart Sensors, ADAS Systems, Network Devices, Computing and embedded sensors to enable full automation of the Driver’s License Testing process.

The project includes Developing an Automated Smart Driving Test Solution including Test Cars, Buses, Hardware, Software, ICT, Manpower, Mobile App, 3 Test Centers setup, Data Center, Integration with ADP Traffic Systems and all other components to comply with the Practical Driving Test Criteria/KPIs set by AD Police.


Main Scope

The project scope encompasses the following

  • Fully Automated Road Test
  • Automated Route Identification
  • Student ID Verification
  • Event Recording during the Test
  • Live communication with the Students inside the vehicle
  • Examiner feedback to the system
  • Using Test Result for Traffic Indices Measuring and Analysis
  • Control Room monitoring and supervision
  • Getting Final Results in Real Time