( IRF) -Project Finance & Public Private Partnerships: From Concept to Results

Course Objective

This workshop will bring together top practitioners and experts from the private sector, public sector, and financing institutions to discuss and examine what conditions are required to implement successful project finance & PPPs that bring value to the government, its private sector partners, and — most importantly — the public.

Course Outline

  • Opening session with introductions and exploring the need and demand for new forms of project funding in the road sector
  • Introduction to PPPs and Project Finance
  • Overview of the basic Project Finance and contract structure
  • The PPP process from planning through implementation
  • Basics of financial analysis
  • Project finance theory and market practices
  • Overview of successful PPP practices.
  • Risk management and planning considerations for PPP projects
  • PPP project development and procurement
  • PPP contract management
  • Organizing, developing and managing the PPP Unit
  • Considerations for PPPs in EMDE markets


  • Understand Project Finance and its role in delivering infrastructure services
  • Identify various stakeholders for successful PPP implementation
  • Utilize tools to assess financial viability of PPP’s
  • Value the role of risk in PPP decision-making
  • Detail successes, challenges and pitfalls with different PPP case studies